“The Neutral Zone”

Happy New Year!  While everyone is rejoicing, rejecting, or resolving on the ending of an era and the beginning of another, I find myself embracing “The Neutral Zone”… .

The in-between time. The time of reorientation. The irregularity from the old way and the new way, the known and the unknown.

Soul Collage created by Cyndi

I pause to hear the whispers…  Her voice comes like a fierce wind squeezing through a small opening insisting she’s here for a reason. She’s a visitor I’d rather not welcome but she shows me what needs to change.

I have been wandering among many doors for so long, determined to find the right one. Searching for the largest most alluring door to move through. Longing for answers. Ignoring the pause. Forging my way past her whispers beckoning me to close my seeking eyes and listen…

“Fear not” she says, “this is the very place that will teach you what is true and real for you”… Releasing the constraints of my thoughts, I focus on school, the plants, their teachings, their magic and the medicine they share.  They teach me there is wisdom in this place. The place where the power of choice and the flame of nonconformity commune and conspire to show me the right door…

And so for now, I can finally relax into the void, the pause, the out-breath and the in-breath. I find peace and patience, allowing my creativity to oodle, preparing me for an emergence in new and exciting ways, but for now, I will not resolve, reject or rejoice. I will rest in the sublimity of peace in the neutral zone…

~ May we all find peace in “The Neutral Zone” ~

Year In Review Ritual

Soul Collage created by Cyndi

While most of us feel the urge to say “eff you 2016” (myself included) I say “wait a minute please”… There is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from the last twelve months if you are willing to take a look at it..

What about the uncelebrated accomplishments you’ve had? Or how about those hard knocks you’d rather not repeat? And the emotional baggage that you’re ready to let go of?…

After a much needed night with a dear friend of mine reflecting on the past year over a plate of  Christmas cookies and a bottle of wine, we talked about things we wanted to let go of from this past year and it really got me thinking.. So after listening to a Podcast from Marie Forleo on this very subject, I got inspired and took out my journal, a pen, made myself a cup of tea, lit my candles, and began writing the answers to these three simple questions which will help me with a clean slate for a great year ahead…

These three simple questions helped me to see the progress I’ve made over this last year instead of beating myself up over everything I didn’t do. Far to often we are too hard on ourselves and put too much pressure on ourselves to do something and then feel bad about ourselves when we haven’t accomplished it. Its time to celebrate our successes, however big or small they may be, and get rid of all the crap thats been holding us back.. (Can I get an Amen!?)

Three Powerful Year In Review Questions:

1. What did I do, create, or experience this year that i’m really proud of?
2. What mistakes did I make that taught me something and what lessons did I learn?
3. What am I willing to let go of? What story have I been telling myself that I’m willing to let go of. (It can be more than one thing)


So light your candles, surround yourself with supportive loving energy like a cozy blanket, snuggling up in an oversized chair, curling up in bed, sipping your favorite tea (perhaps my nutritive blend from my first blog), answer these three questions sincerely, and if you’re so inclined to share, tell me about it…

~ All The Best In The Coming Year ~